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  • What is Hot & Cold Throw?
    Cold throw -fragrance emitted from a candle when it is not burning. Hot throw- The fragrance emitted from a candle when it is burning.
  • How long should you leave a new candle before lighting?
    Cure- To allow a candle to set, or age, to help enhance the fragrance A new candle takes at least 24 hours to set so technically it can be used but if you leave your candle for a couple of weeks you will find the fragrance throw is stronger.
  • What does the term "Tunnelling" mean?"
    When a wick does not make a full melt pool in a candle leaving a ring of unmelted wax on the sides. This is usually caused by too small a wick.
  • How long should a candle be burnt for?
    A candle that burns well will produce a full diameter burn within 3 - 4 hours and thenit should be blown out, allowed to reset and then have its wick trimmed. Your wick should never be left longer than 0.5 cm.
  • How much fragrance should I use for my natural wax candles?
    A: It is recommended to use a maximum of approx. 100 gm /kg of wax. Waxes do have different fragrance loads. Check with your supplier. All Season’s Wax recommend between 8 – 12 % for their waxes. You do not want to go over recommended volume as this can create a separation between the wax and the fragrance and it will pool on the top of your candle and you will not get a proper burn or the best surface. If you use the maximum amount recommended, your candle will be fragrant enough to fill your home with your favourite fragrance for the duration of the candle. Tip: Some fragrances are stronger than others so we recommend starting out with a minimum amount of fragrance and adding slowly until your senses are satisfied or you have reached the maximum amount, it is important to remember that when it cools it will not be as fragrant as it is as a liquid, but it will turn to a liquid when burning. Fragrances are personal and take some experimenting, it is helpful to make sure you cannot smell the wax as a guideline for "just the right amount" of fragrance, start at 10 gms and add in 10 gms. Step-by-step until you cannot smell the wax and or you have reached the maximum amount, the candles are always fragranced beautifully when done this way. Pour your fragrance into a small measuring glass with a pouring point to make it easy and accurate Suggestion: After you are comfortable with the candle making process and using the fragrance, you can start testing your creative abilities. Start mixing fragrances together to come up with your own unique fragrance that will be customise to your candles and increase the perceived value of your product. Using 10mls at a time you can literally mix 5 to 10 different fragrances together in equal parts or break it down more or less
  • What other equipment do I need to make candles at home?
    Once you have you kit you will need the following items: wax melting pot or a double boiler measuring jugs scales to weigh your wax and fragrance plastic ruler to measure the jar size stirrers
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