Learn how to make your own Melt & Pour Soap with your soap making kit that we send you.

The soap base is included in your class kit  along with  an array of ingredients to choose from to make your range of soaps and your own soap moulds ( clamshells) 

Your kit will include:

  • 500 gm soap base
  • soap moulds for 5 soaps -  soap clamshells
  • Skin safe soap fragrance
  • Skin safe soap colour
  • 1 @ of loofah, clay, aloe vera, Calendula petals and Himalyan Pink salt
  • Stirrers  - wooden
  • Pipette for measuring colour and fragrance 

You will need to provide:  

  • Mirowave, double boiler or rice cooker to melt your soap base
  • Jug for mixing
  • Essential oils if you wish to use them.


From your kit you will be able to make the following soaps:

Exfoliating soaps- loofah

Clay soaps - yellow clay

Aloe Vera Gel

Botanical - Calendula Petals

Himalyan Pink Salt


You will learn the basics of using a melt and pour soap base and  how to use all the ingredients to customise your soaps.

If this sounds like fun, then come and join us. If you have done our soy candle making class then you know that it will be worth attending.

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What you will learn

  • Understand the use of Melt and Pour soap
  • Learn how to customise by using different ingredients in the same bas
  • Understand the ingredients you are adding

What you will get

  • Soap Making Kit
  • E-book by email -instructions, recipes & problem saving

What to bring

  • Double boiler or microwave to melt soap base, Jug for mixing soap. Any essential oils or botanicals you wish to add to your soap.

What to wear

Casual clothes (It might get messy), and closed in shoes.

Appropriate for

Beginner's class

Soap Making - Live Video Workshop




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